jueves, 27 de noviembre de 2008

La petite sirène d’Auderville

“I feel like Chinese food,” she said
“I did not think it will last,” I breathed
The black haired woman is still freezing me
Those eyes that spark
You’re shinny but
Your silver lips are cold baby
Don’t you know?
The little blonde angel just told me twice
I am an actor and they don’t think I am good anymore
Up in the city things are really weird
Sarah is embracing me with a big yellow wig
You know you are so much sweeter when you are close…

I miss you swimming in these old shimmering lights
I am falling on my knees
I promised
I was not coming back again

Minerva, she loves me
Don’t you see?
She is giving me her plea
And she talks me kind
She is married to the jungle
And she leaves
While I shake my head in the mirror
I don’t think I am really here

Chinese gin tonics keep coming in from across the street
Cat woman is biting my elbow
I miss you somewhere deep inside
While I shake my head
And notice
I have been trapped in a wishing well

Chocolate Police
Those thirty five years old models
Dreaming Bergman
burning banana splits
and smoking cigarettes
Girls from Tokyo
And cosmetics from New Jersey
I miss you somewhere deep inside
While I shake my head
Dorian Gray, she said, was just a Go-ri-laaz

Bee woman
Sting me, please
I see you in your bike
With your tender apple dress
Your hair hanging from that little white head
And your lips keep flashing like the lights in a reservoir
Hey I just wanted to tell you
You think your pretty smart
Well I think you’re right
but take care
I miss you somewhere deep inside
While I shake my head
And I can’t wait anymore

I can’t believe you’re talking again
in the radio
everything sounds so more interesting when you lie
Tsotsi is so sad he is going back to bed
All those heroes are so tired to help me
So I guess I will wonder in the streets of Harlem
‘Till I find a good hole to sleep in

viernes, 7 de noviembre de 2008

apes, monkeys and elephants

I stare at your pale-pink face
in the morning sun
while I spin around the lake
all those skyscrapers
growing from the trees
the grass
and the light brown dirt

and I think about china
and wax
and I bite my nails
because your face is just a white reflection
in the transparent cloud of light
that trespasses you like a neutrino rain
in the heat of the California afternoon

miles away

drinking and hiding
in the dim lithium light
of a plastic telephone booth
in Bleecker Street

I think of you too

Magic rabbit

And how beautiful you are

Under this swords
and all these iron cords around us
and we both here
suspended over the dark waters
and the smog
and the hot tea
the wooden elephants
the tin palms
the tiny lights blinking like amphetamine pulses
deep into the broken hearted gorgeous summer night
shear a tear over us
because I love her
and I will never see her
this night

and the alcohol bruises
burn over us in thin flames
made of Norwegian songs
and little heartbreaks
and loneliness on a Tuesday morning

suspended over the leaves flowing below us
and the heartbeat of pieces of broken red bike lights
passing through us like latex bullets
while we look at the green lights in the office buildings
and think about all those lives
dying little by little
waiting for Christmas

hold by Rosendale stones
and sand

just sand under all that