miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

a lyric for the black angels

I let you get whatever you want
the wound is beginning to heal
cut the ropes, cut the ropes
I listen to the phone ring
and I can't even count everything you stole

I swallowed all the humiliations
I even saw you digging in the dirt
just close your mouth and spell it
with all those pigs you like so much
you are just skin, you have nothing else
oh, you can't have anything else
you could have had it

lcd screen is all I have left
lcd and lsd
there is nothing else to break
I just feel my head way up way up

you grab that knife and stab me
if that is all you want
I don´t have no more meat to give you

I hear the water running
I hear her speaking low
this green room is naked and I can't even breath
when I see you coming from behind
sweet and far away

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you
no I would not
you know that

it's morning and is raining
you say I’m too sexy for your bed
but the problem is
I can't be anywhere else

miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Lay, lady Lay

Auburn lips, and velvet skies
crystal drugs to keep you tied
go down the green, go down

I can see your white body under the spasm lights
You and your blue blood waving goodbye

In the swamp’s shores
I thought of you and I melted
There’s nothing I can do
Oh my love, you were my shelter

Hear the thunder singing
Hear the lighting turning pale
My suit in the muddy waters
Covered by your white silk veil

You and your animals
under the roaring grass
my skin like cinnamon
dancing under a light bulb, fading fast

Don’t look at me
I get lost when you do that
Don’t talk to me
I just see you falling in the pit

Got to get away, got to hide
I can handle it anymore
The smog is getting thicker
I cannot stay by your sweet core

Your warm breath
Your alibis
Your body falling perfectly into mine