jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Cape City

Drawing by Amy Mascena

it's hot as hell
a trembling kind of humid hell
in these mediterranean shores
afraid of the mountains
that separate us from the desert
like medieval walls
you can even see the dunes shining above the red peaks

i think about california
it looks like california
when i look out of the window of the car

my neck aches and it's killing me
i am tired already
i am falling asleep madly over the keyboard

i need a massage
and a shower
and a little love tonight
but neither of that will happen
and the shivering palms will not shake until tomorrow
my dear

i will get lost in my huge and boring hotel room
and maybe go for a walk in the empty
with lights at every corner
and show girls clubs
and cat lovers
of this vanishing town
this unresolved brick-adobe-like town
that looks like the tongue of a dying parrot

i think about Borgnine
and Lee Marvin
and about a red haired English girl
that reminds me of bob squarepants
with a small space between her front teeth

I think about trying to slide my tongue in there
like i used to do

but I am weak now
and she is somwehere else
and me too...
lost in my headache
and my cul-de-sac thoughts
and in my superficial talk

and in this lines
and in you