viernes, 13 de octubre de 2017

leader's lament

… as I fly over the South China Sea
leaving Ha Noi below
I don't look back
I don't want the small marihuana plastic bags
The cheap boom boom
Take me anywhere

… as I look out of the window and see the lake
and wish it would rain again
even on the brand new taxi
taking me to the airport
in the serious faces of the martyrs
and the empty bookstores
the skinless alleyways, the street beer
the pagodas that look like warm, tender, golden wounds in the mist of the tropical sunset,
in the clueless halls of the expensive malls in French town
the feet of the 4 meter tall Buddha are so chubby
and I would love to rest my boiling head between them
sleep over the dried up lotus flowers
the fake money and all those boxes for donations
echoes of the fishermen rain pools
postcards to far away
so far away that it seems impossible
even to imagine them
once that you get surrounded
in this cotton-like heat
with all the songs coming out from the
karaokes and the crowed tin shops
and the ricksaws driver with a Vietcong helmet
that just wants to give you a ride anywhere
and some of his water tobacco pipe
nights coughing
barefoot kids playing on the street
dragon fruits
phoenix feathers
half-naked animal-headed goddesses
that dance in the middle of the fields
in their magic gasoline capsules that burn and then turn
to smoke and get to your lungs
right bellow the military controlled mausoleum of the old leader
who is now under 30 meters of stones
and marble
under the air conditioning
wishing nobody else was here

jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

(Welsh// internetspotting//2017)

Ten una carrera // Get a career
Se un buen hijo // be a good son
Ten un alquiler // have a rent
Alquílate bien // rent yourself for a good price
Ten una hipoteca // have a mortgage
Una novia // a girlfriend
Un novio // a boyfriend
Dos // two
Ambos mejor // both better
Un amante // and a lover
Otro // and another one
Otra más // and another one more
Ten un hijo // Have a son
Ten su carrito, su colegio, tus miedos y paranoia en su cabeza // Have his stroller, her school, your fears and paranoia in her head
Ten una familia // have a family
Ten otro hijo más // have another kid
Ten un ex // get an ex
Ten dos // get two
Ten tu droga en la cartera // get some drugs in your wallet
En la farmacia // in the pharmacy
En la guantera // in the glove compartment
Ten un coche // get a car
Claro // sure
Eso también // that too
Ten seguidores // have followers
Ten un trabajo // get a job
Ten otro hijo (¿lo dije antes ya?) // get another kid (did I mentioned that before?)
(Consigue megustas // get some likes)
Otro más // another one
Ya no vale con uno // one just wouldn’t do
Folla más // fuck more
Córrete // cum
Se un buen amante // be a good lover
(debes serlo) // (you have to)
Folla // fuck
Tienes que ser un hombre // you have to be a man
Ten miedo // be afraid
Ten pavor // be terrorized
Ten caradura // be shameless
Se hipócrita, // be an hypocrite
Véndete // promote yourself
Tienes que aprender a venderte mejor // you have to learn to sell yourself better
Mira los programas de amor en la tele // watch those Love Programs on the TV
Ten emociones // have emotions
Muchas // lots
Emociónate toooodo el rato // get emotional aaaaaall the time
En alto // out loud
Aspira // aspire
Métete coca // do coke
Bebe todo lo que puedas // drink all you can
Pastillas // pills
Hierba // grass
Ginebra Premium // Premium gin
Hielos Premium // Premium ice
Limón Premium // premium lemon
Hasta maldita tónica premium // even the fucking tonic
Se un imbécil Premium // be a Premium imbecile
Compra una tele plana // buy a flat TV
Un Jesucristo en holograma que te siga con los ojos // an hologram Jesus that follows you with his eyes
Su corazón roto // his heart broken
Habla sobre vino //  talk about wine
Ten un vino favorito // HAVE a favorite wine
Vino caro // expensive wine
Cómprate ropa //  buy clothes
Zapatillas // sneakers
Camisetas // t-shirts
Habla con tus amigas en un grupo de Whatsapp // talk to your friends in that Whatsapp group
Sobre vuestros hijos // about your kids
Quéjate // complain
Llora // cry
Llora mucho // cry a lot
Carcajéate //     laugh out loud
Mucho // a lot
Habla mucho // talk a lot
Habla todo el rato // talk all the time
pero no te pronuncies sobre nada // but don’t say nothing about nothing

Ten una ex // have an ex
Ten dos // have two
Tíñete // dye your hair
Ten un coche // have a car
Ve al gimnasio // go to the gym
Compra vegetales // buy vegetables
Hamburguesas // hamburgers
Celebra la primavera // celebrate springtime
Sal por la noche // go out tonight
Se joven // be young
Baila // dance
Se viejo // be an old man
Habla de “los políticos” // talk about “the politicians”
Ponte crema // put some cream on
Cómete el sol // eat the sun
Déjate barba // get a beard
Respeta a los mayores // respect your elders
Que les jodan a los jóvenes // fuck the youngsters
Sonríe en las fotos // smile in the photos
Come tres platos // eat three meals
No te impliques // don’t get involved
Pero pertenece // but belong
Come hasta que te hartes  // eat until you explode
Engorda // get fat
Adelgaza // get thin
Vete de crucero // go on a cruise
Hazte selfies poniendo morritos // take selfies making a kissy face
Se padre, hijo, hermano, novio, amante, marido, amigo, divertido, apasionado, calmado, sexy, tranquilo…  //  be father, son, brother, boyfriend, lover, husband, fun, passionate, calm, sexy, easy going…
Todo incluido // all-inclusive
Se creativo // be creative
Tómate unas cañitas // have some beers
Siéntate // sit down
Compra // buy
Deprímete  // get depressed
Ten éxito // be successful
Suicídate // kill yourself
Vuelve al campo // go back to the
Emborráchate hasta que no puedas ni andar // get so drunk you can’t even walk
No entiendes nada // you don’t understand a single thing
Métetelo en la cabeza por mucho que intenten engañarte //
N o   e r e s    e s p e c i a l  // y o u  a r e  n o t   s p e c i a l
Al cosmos no le importas // the cosmos doesn’t care a fuck about you
El espectáculo lo es todo  // spectacle is everything