sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

i could use somebody

m is like a little cloud of creek delicate eyes,
messy hair
thin white LM cigarettes
and bad words

m is like a walking nervous breakdown
with those plimsolls stepping up and down the bar
the top of the car
my feet
my face

m is really lovely when she is not completely drunk
and i talk to her about all these things
my ghost
the dead people
and such

she drives almost lying in the drivers place
and starts and stops so fast that
i feel like somebody is shaking my guts with a pitchfork
i like it for a while
i like how she fights with herself
how she forgets the dam ticket for the fucking parking
how she misses the traffic lights
how the machine eats her money and never delivers the stupid ticket...

her stomach aches
and she smokes
and she takes the smoke out
and surrounds herself with nicotine like a life vest
and changes the gear
and tells me about her problems with this guy
she used to be with
and smokes
and takes the smoke out
and changes the gear

i embrace her


after a few seconds

she embraces me stronger

m is a mess of beautiful turquoise eyes
and smoke from her thin white LM cigarettes
m is really lovely when she is not completely drunk