domingo, 19 de junio de 2011


these lines are for the summer ahead
for the heat
for the dry hands
for the empty pockets
for the anger,
the fury,
the unconditional love
the dogs playing in the city square at dawn

these lines are for those thursday nights
naked with you in your white little shower
pouring hot water over your head
thinking about distant islands
watching your body so shiny
so magnetic
so mine
while you take my face in your hands

these lines are for the vapor around us
that makes everything so blurry
for the crowded subways
for the tourists
for your lovers
for the ones I had
for the nights I have missed you
for the itchy, grass in the park
and the soon to be brides

these lines are for you, my love
wherever you might be while i'm reading these lines

i am dying to kiss you
I am dying to be kissed by you

a huge window behind my back
a sunset over manhattan
the subway over the rooftops
someone playing goldenthal out loud
falling over the street like
greasy, shiny, thick oil drops
just like my words over your ears
to whoever you are with now
while i hope you’re wearing your security belt on
and I hope it works
to console your soul

for the way you held my neck while i drove that evening
for the dark dark road surrounding us
for our lights
for the pearls
for the way you cried under the stars
for the times you have asked me to stay