martes, 31 de mayo de 2011


dance for me my burning angel
Dance like you only know how to
Like you used to do
Like you mean it

Dance like nothing had happened
And we are still young and blue and so naïve
And so in love

So please
In this hotel room
In this cold sick town
On this dried up carpet
On my smoky mind

Dance, please
Like you’d still love me
As if we were happy again

Dance with your eyes closed
And your fingers moving slowly by th sound of the hungry wind
Hitting fierce In the window
And crawling in the room

Dance babe
My babe
My only true babe

Your feet not even touching the ground
Your hair like a wedding veil
Over your beautiful half green eyes
The most beautiful green eyes
Through your tears
And my fingertips
And the light bulb

Son dance
Dance while I am sinking
While the water enters into my lungs
And I let myself go down

My love
dance while I see your reflection in the knife
while some girl changes in her white room
half naked
and thinks about amedeo and Jeanne
and their son

dance by your pills, and your sweat
and the silk of your silk white shirt
dance for me

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

patti and me

for our book, amy

between all that dust and
the black velvet pavement
somewhere in between the plastic
the rocks that break your feet
a sea so intense that makes you think about jumping in her belly

the white stones
the dried flowers
in violet, yellow and blue
the green wheat
the pale rye
those faded emerald eyes
that shy silk hair

that morning climbing over beautiful grey dry trees
little bugs in black and red
the abandoned
houses of the slaves, the workers
you and i

somewhere, 20 meters under the ground
somewhere with no light at all
just the reflections of your own eyelids
the sounds of a little unknown creek
the light rain over the dessert
the small mosquitoes smashed in my hands
although i cannot even see myself

the ruins of my coney island dream
i look up and see the empty spaces
the lunatic streets
where you and patti
and keaton once walked

somewhere along the way
i stop
my feet in a haze of blue smoke
dark eyes
and sylk-like skin
somewhere i looked around
and realize i was alone all the time

i don't know exactly where
maybe it was little by little
lover by lover
friend by friend
tear by tear
question by question
i lost it

and this feeling is so painful
i cannot even think about nothing else in the world
that faraway town where i met you
this dirty water in my mouth
me, running under the heavy rain
with my marble burden on my back
wishing i could kiss your thin chocolate lips
on the stone bench


this is

so painful it does not even hurt anymore

but somewhere
i am still able to listen to you and cry