martes, 18 de octubre de 2016



It’s deep in the night
Back in the wide shadows of the mutilated park

The inner city landslide

The blade of the common ground

There is me
No lights on
And there’s you
Flashing like an 80’s spaceship in downtown LA

All your blades falling in between
the stones
like cement for the temple
The glory of the messiah shining inside
glowing in every inch of your soft feathers
your chest like dopamine
your expensive perfume
around me
creating evangelical sentences
hard as a revenge
unfair like the law
With peaks of fire and somber valleys
As I erase the paths and the still waters so dark
that swallow my face

And my sanity

And the hope for a new skin that might get born in the upcoming springtime

Costumes, masks, fire eaters are
from the south

the road is burning in flames with fingers long and lean

the sword swallower
the dog faced man
looking like a Greek goddess,
connected to my spine
the fleas and the juggler
the midget
the keys to power
a horse
a giant
the unfinished love
papa’s boy
rich kid fed on silver and pearls
the skyscraper builder
and the priest
with the ever-growing beard
and the knife ready to skin off

Light without love
Heat without hope
Us surrounded by a deep black circle
Beside the pond
tears in your eyes
Your hands in my head
offering me freedom
stoned and defeated
fading out
Cutting my throat on the edge of the water

the white smoke can be seen through the branches
as her lips
start muttering
 and pretend nothing like this

(the two headed kid)

ever happened

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