martes, 25 de octubre de 2016

Rio Grande

I guess you were right all along
As much as you said it
You were in love with me
But you couldn't stand my singing

The neons of the theater
Down at Hollywood and Vine
Were trembling on and on,
Day and night,
when I passed by
Every letter fired up but one
One that would never work

I used to open the windows and shout
Every morning
To this rusty bright
Burned up
Vulture nest like
And it was all because of you
Running like amphetamines in my fueled up veins
With your smell of sweat and white wine

You used to work as a dancer at the Big Macao
five days a week
but mostly nights
And dressed up like a Honk Kong gal to do your little number…
Man, you did really look beautiful in that 5 pennies red silk and gold dress
And you applied some make up so your eyes looked more... oriental
(the pipe that you hid under the bed was also a part of the process)

Every time we parted
I stared at your neck and the curls of your hair as you walked away
until you dissapeared

I guess you were right
All along
But I still sing every weekend, Friday and Thursday
For 50$ a night plus tips
And drinks

Kind of a nice pay nowadays you know
I even got myself a street cat to pet every once in a while
Her name, quite sure you guessed already,
Starts by that very same neon letter
That never worked on the marquee
That very same letter…. You know…

Who would have thought after all these years
The singing is almost all I have
And everybody seem to like it
From time to time they even write about me in the papers
While your love 
your overcasted smokey love 
That was always around
Vanished like a dried up dandelion under La Cienaga’s sun

I don't know why but she reminds me of you
She cuddles when she feels like it
She jumps out of the window
The moment I’m drunk

She always comes back
the cast I mean
(up to this day at least)
and you know I am the faithful kind
who always keeps the window open just in case

I guess you were right
All along
But you know, I own a little flat up on the hills
From my window I can see the lights blink every morning when I come back home
Those lights we used to dream on
I am still here
Hanging on

and you…

you left LA a long

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